Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Sponsors

§ 1 Services and obligations of the Publisher

(1) The Publisher intends to deliver a high-quality content standard in regards to the agreed Sponsorship package and fulfil the contractual agreement.

(2) The Publisher is allowed to make changes and adjustments to the content after publication.

(3) The Publisher has the right to take the content offline in case there is a strong suspicion or a reasonable doubt that the Sponsor is involved in a fraudulent matter.

§ 2 Services and obligations of the Sponsor

(1) In return, the Sponsor accepts that the underlying and expressed opinion of the Publisher is unbiased and cannot be forced.

(2) The Sponsor is committed to support the Publisher throughout the process of content creation – before, in between and after the publication.

(3) The Sponsor confirms that the payment will be made by latest 10 days after the invoice is issued, unless otherwise agreed.

§ 3 Confidentiality

(1) Both contracting parties undertake to maintain secrecy towards third parties regarding the agreed amount and the content of this contract. This shall continue to apply even after the end of the contract.

§ 4 Liability

(1) The Publisher does not guarantee that advertising success will occur with the Sponsor. In particular, the Publisher does not guarantee that there will be a certain number for the content.

§ 5 Termination of contract

(1) The right to ordinary termination of this contract is excluded, unless otherwise agreed.

(2) The Publisher can terminate the contract without giving reasons if the content cannot be carried out by the Publisher. The fault of the Publisher is not relevant.

(3) Either contracting party may terminate the contract if the other contracting party acts contrary to the purpose or in violation of the contract.

§ 6 Miscellaneous

(1) Place of jurisdiction: The place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from the contractual relationship is the business location of the Publisher. The Publisher is also entitled to choose the place of jurisdiction at the place of business of the Sponsor.

(2) Choice of law: German law applies.

Status of the conditions: March 2021.