P2P Portfolio

On this page you will find my personal P2P portfolio as well as my terminated P2P investments. Further developments are published in my monthly P2P portfolio updates.

Last update: 01.05.2024

My P2P Lending Portfolio

My Terminated P2P Investments

P2P PlatformXIRRStartEndPendingLost
Mintos7,22%Oct 2017Oct 20221.118 €72 €
Debitum5,83%Jun 2019Jun 2023300 €
NEO Finance8,69%Apr 2019Nov 2023337,24 €
Bondora Portfolio Pro1,30%Oct 2017May 2024512,95 €

FAQ P2P Portfolio

✅ What is my P2P Lending Portfolio?

My P2P lending portfolio consists of my personal investments in the P2P environment. My active P2P portfolio is shown as well as my terminated investments. In addition, investors can find information about my current return, the investment start and the current investment status.

✅ Why do I show my P2P Portfolio publicly?

I want my readers to get an understanding how much “skin in the game” I have with different P2P platforms. Transparency is an important aspect to underline the credibility of my content as well as to reveal possible conflicts of interest.

✅ How long do I invest in P2P?

I started to invest in P2P lending in October 2017. At the time I started with € 2,000 each at Bondora and Mintos.

✅ Should investors copy my P2P Portfolio?

Every investor should think about their preferences and therefore which platforms fit into their own P2P portfolio. My personal P2P portfolio can be seen as an inspiration, but I would not recommend a 1:1 replication.